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Rockdale-Newton Section/NCNW

Photo Gallery

The 1st Annual "Lady Loved Her Hats" Recognition & Award Luncheon- 2015 The 1st Annual "Lady Loved Her Hats" Recognition & Award Luncheon- 2015 Mistress and Master of Ceremony Mrs. Sonya Hunte and Mr. Todd Smith 200295528 MCs with Event Chair Mrs. Stephanie Curtis 200295529 MCs with Section Member Ms. Ruby Burchette 200295530 MCs with Section Member Rev. Darlene Smith 200295531 Event Chair and President preparing for the afternoon 200295532 Guest Flutist Ms. Derrica Williams 200295533 President & Her Mom 200295534 MCs doing an excellent job 200295535 Section Member Josette Oden 200296036 Guests 200296037 Guests from DeKalb Section Won an 5 day ALL expense paid vacation to Cancun, Mexico. 200296038 Honoree Ms. Rita Hector Category: Education First African American Teacher Newton County School System 200296607 Group Photo with Honoree Category: Education 200296039 Honoree Pastor J.W. Smith Category: Ministry Newton County Minister's Union President 200296619 Group Photo with Honoree Category: Ministry 200296040 Honoree Dr. Johnathan Henderson Category: Health & Wellness First African American Valedictorian Newton County School System 200296457 Group Photo with Honoree 200296041 Section Member Sylvia Parks and Presenter 200296042 Honoree Judge Phinia Aten with her sister Category: Civil Servant First African American Magistrate Court Judge Rockdale County 200296043 Group Photo of Honoree 200296044 Section Members Ms. Dorothy Moore and Mrs. Katrina Young Presenting 200296045 Honoree Ms. Loriel Price 1st African American female firefighter- Rockdale County 200296046 Group Photo with Honoree 200296047 Honree Councilwoman Hawnethia Williams Category: Public Servant 200296048 Group photo with Honoree 200296049 Honoree Ms. Jackie Mattison Accepting on Ms. Mattison's behalf was her sister and brother in law, Mr. Warren & Mrs. Cynthia Blackshear-Warren. Category: Athletics 200296050 Honoree Archie Shepherd Category: Social Justice 200296458 Group Photo with Honoree 200296051 Honoree Lewis Carr, Jr. Category: Small Business 200296459 Group Photo with Honoree 200296052 Section Members Mrs. Tisa Washington and Mrs. Joy Guilford presenting 200296053 Honoree Michelle Kim Category: Volunteerism 200296460 Group Photo with Honoree 200296055 Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler Winner of the Willie Marie Brown Award of Courage and Section Member 200296066 Master of Ceremony and President Rhonda Taylor 200296054 Mistress & Master of Ceremony with President Rhonda Taylor 200296056 Section Members Katrina Young & Queen Washington 200296057 Group Photo Sister Sections Members 200296058 Section Members with guests 200296059 Section Members 200296060 Our Lunch 200296061 Section Member Queen Washington & Honoree Loriel Price 200296062 Guests having a fabulous time 200296063 Honorees Winner of the 1st Willie Marie Brown Award of Courage, Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler and Trailblazer Honoree, Judge Phinia Aten 200296064 Section Members 200296069 Group Photo with Honoree 200296067 DeKalb Section Members in attendance 200296068 Table Setup 200296070 Willie Marie Brown Proclamation 200296071 Honorees 200296072 Nominees 200296073 Program Cover 200296262