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Rockdale-Newton Section/NCNW


Historic Installation

A Special Tribute

Founders Day Skit 2014

What a marvelous day it was! Saturday, May 11, 2013 our Section was officially installed and chartered. The ceremony was witnessed by a "packed house" of friends, family, elected officials and potential members who came out to show their support.

We were so proud of our accomplishment; you see we received into membership 80 women and Associates (men) in less than 4 months. Yes, the need for such an organization was ripe; and now we realize we must be about the business of working on behalf of others. We take our challenge seriously and promise to waiver not. 

The video (part 1- visit our Facebook page for the entire video) below allows you to share in our celebration. Once you've watched, you too should be inspired to connect and make a difference. After all ---it is up to us!